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Your DOT and Trucking Solutions Center

High-quality DOT and safety compliance assistance

CDL Services Inc is here to make sure that your trucking company is compliant with the FMCSA. When you hire us, you'll receive:

  • Weekly roadside inspection tracking

  • Weekly driver’s license status report

  • Monthly DATA Q disputes

  • Weekly company’s safety rating monitoring – CSA scores

  • Monthly drivers and equipment expirations tracking

  • Mandatory random testing program management

  • Ongoing DOT and insurance audit representation


You'll find that our DOT and safety compliance services cover everything your company needs to follow all the rules and regulations required by the FMCSA.

  • Customized DOT driver qualification files

  • Substance abuse qualification files

  • Equipment maintenance files

  • Full representation in DOT and insurance audits

Detailed files and audits

Monitor and manage your DOT and insurance requirements

Our locally owned and operated company provides comprehensive programs that help to keep track of your DOT and insurance requirements, including:

  • Logbook auditing

  • Random alcohol and drug test programs

  • Driver files, and a lot more.

You'll get all these for a low monthly fee!

  • DOT physical exam

  • Supervisor’s reasonable suspicion training

  • SAP program

  • Return-to-duty and follow-up tests

  • Accident report assistance and registration

  • Quarterly driver’s license checks (MVR)

  • CSA monitoring

Offering a variety of services

Call us for personalized service:


If you've received hours of service violations, you can get FREE training at our facility to abide by the DOT requirements. Visit us now!

CDL Services Inc has passed hundreds of DOT audits for customers like you.

CDL Services Inc is able to collect all your drivers' trip documents on a weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis. Let us pick up your paperwork or mail it right to us. Contact us to learn more.

Collecting your drivers' trip documents

  • Hours of service auditing and violation reports

  • Active driver reports

  • Inactive driver reports

  • Upcoming driver ID expirations

  • Driver’s license status

Receive a wide array of reports each month

  • Drug and alcohol random test notifications

  • DOT driver qualification file updates

  • Accident report logs

  • CSA monitoring

  • Upcoming equipment permit expirations

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