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Superior fuel and mileage tax services

Tracking your mileage and fleet fuel consumption doesn't have to be difficult. When you choose CDL Services Inc for fuel and mileage tax services, you'll get a team of experts to manage all the paperwork for you!


Send us your trip sheets on a weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly basis. In order to keep yourself from falling behind, you should contact us to get your paperwork picked up, or mail your paperwork to us so that processing can begin right away. You'll get your reports by the 10th day of each month and 15 days in advance of the tax due dates.

  • Trip sheet auditing and processing

  • Monthly mileage and tax reports by vehicle

  • IFTA monthly and quarterly tax reports

  • Long distance use tax reports

  • Fuel consumption reports by vehicle

  • Electronic state filing

Top-tier reports

and processes

How we charge for our tax work

For our fuel and mileage tax services, we charge a monthly flat rate. Each truck will be charged. If you have any questions about our fees, please call us at 786-265-7555.

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With our fuel tax service, you'll be able to track and manage your fleet fuel consumption and tax liabilities by each state!

You can rely on our 12 years experience to do the job right!

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