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  • Application for employment

  • Motor vehicle record

  • Pre-screening program review

  • Insurance processing

  • Previous employer verification

  • Medical certification verification

  • Pre-employment drug testing

  • Criminal background checks

  • DOT driver's qualification file setup

Following all recruiting regulations set in place by the FMCSA

When it comes to the recruiting process, CDL Services Inc meets all of the FMCSA regulations. This ensures that all drivers we place are compliant.

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Don't let unqualified drivers ruin your business. Save time and money by letting us secure the compliant drivers you deserve.

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What's included in our standard recruitment program

  • Hours of service

Training programs for drivers

  • Mandatory reasonable suspicion training

  • Controlled substances program

  • DOT maintenance programs requirements

  • DOT accident manangement requirements

Training programs for drivers

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