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Do you find it challenging to keep track of your fleet’s fuel consumption and mileage?

Simplify your fuel tax reporting with CDL Services Inc. Our team manages all paperwork and reporting tasks, offering hassle-free processing for a flat rate per truck, whether it’s hard copies or electronic filing.


Choose CDL Services Inc. for efficient tracking and reporting. Our hassle-free processes and top-tier reporting deliver unparalleled accuracy. Experience the difference today!

Thorough trip sheet auditing and processing

Detailed monthly mileage and tax reports per vehicle

IFTA monthly and quarterly tax reports

Comprehensive long-distance use tax reports

Fleet-wide fuel consumption reports per vehicle

Seamless electronic state filing

Why should I trust in CDL Services?

Choose CDL Services Inc. for hassle-free, efficient tracking and reporting. Contact us today to elevate your fleet management! We attend in Spanish and English

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