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Since 2005, CDL Services Inc has been serving the Miami, FL area with a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline your operations and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Master DOT Compliance through Specialized Training. Join us at our cutting-edge facility and gain the skills needed to seamlessly navigate DOT regulations.

Need help with licensing? We’ve got you covered! Our one-stop destination offers comprehensive services, from registration to permits and more.

Insurance coverage stands as one of the pivotal pillars for the success of trucking companies. It plays a crucial role in shaping your business’s bottom line and realizing its long-term objectives.

Elevate your business with Qualified Drivers.  Allow us to manage the recruitment process, saving you time and resources while guaranteeing you access to the skilled professionals essential for your operations.

Discover efficient transportation solutions with CDL Services Inc. Contact us today to transform the way you oversee your company’s transportation and trucking needs!

Optimize Your Fleet’s Fuel Tax Management. Empower your business with our cutting-edge fuel tax service, enabling you to effortlessly monitor and control your fleet’s fuel consumption and tax obligations across various states.

Enhance Safety Standards with Rigorous Drug Testing. Protect your trucking company by guaranteeing that your drivers maintain top safety and professionalism levels. 

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